The Farm

Nettle Meadow Goat Farm is currently the home of more than 300 goats and dozens of sheep. We are also home to several guard llamas and friendly chickens and ducks. Over 100 goats are milking at any one time and there are goats of all ages living on the farm. We have several juvenile and adolescent goats as well as a number of geriatric goats enjoying their retirement. The goats and other animals are housed in four large barns and four outbuildings including a brand new barn and an historic barn built in 1903 and restored in 2013.

The sheep and goats’ diet includes a variety of natural ingredients including hay, grains and wild herbs, raspberry leaf, garlic, and kelp for balanced nutrition.


The Kemp Animal Sanctuary

Nettle Meadow’s Sanctuary is also home to a number of retired and rescued farm animals.  We also have several male and female kids each Spring are available for adoption as pets and brush goats.  Our rescue sanctuary includes a variety of farm animals including fowl, horses, older goats, and other assorted barnyard friends. Please visit our sanctuary website at for more information and to see how you can help.


The Nursery

In 2013, Nettle Meadow invested in a new property just up the road where our young kids and lambs grow up and get ready to become part of our dairy herd. There is a farmhouse and four barns at the new nursery property for our young stock who are enjoying all the new room immensely!



Our new cheese shop is open daily from 11am to 3pm for cheese sales and we often feature cheese tastings during business hours. Come visit the cozy new shop and find out more about the farm, our history and our cheese.

Tours are given at 12 noon on Saturdays.

Tours of the cheese facility are not available at this time so that we can maintain a careful environment of humidity, temperature and cleanliness for our cheese making. We welcome all visitors with a love of animals and cheese.

Nettle Meadow welcomes larger groups and tour buses as well. For details and to make a reservation for your larger group please visit